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Helpful Resources From Kaufman And Associates, LLC

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Choosing A Corporate Structure

Learn the primary differences between the C-corporation, S-corporation and LLC so that you can choose the one that’s right for your business.

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Selling Restricted Securities

Use this outline to review the regulations on selling restricted securities.

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Neil M. Kaufman, Chairman Of The Long Island Capital Alliance

Neil M. Kaufman is profiled in this Cornerstone Interview about his role as LICA Chairman.

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5 MIsconceptions Of Raising Growth Capital

This article from Marijuana Venture magazine discusses the common misconceptions in the cannabis industry about U.S. securities laws that apply to both equity and debt.

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Kaufman & Associates LLC Cannabis INTRO

Watch Neil Kaufman’s introduction of Kaufman & Associates,LLC at a 2018 Cannabis Industry event.

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Sowing Capital Seeds

Neil M. Kaufman is featured in Newsday’s Executive Suite as Chairman of the Board of the Long Island Capital Alliance.

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The Selling Restricted Securities Flow Chart

Use this easy-to-understand visual flow chart to follow step-by-step the regulations for selling restricted securities.

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Acquisitions Of Investment Managers

Learn about the ins and outs of acquisitions of control and minority stakes in investment managers and hedge funds.

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Cannabis Tier Talk

Neil Kaufman presents Cannabis: The Long & Winding Road – Ancient Medicine to U.S. Illegality to Growth Industry & Investment Bubble.

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Sample Deals

View tombstones for some of the transactions where Kaufman & Associates served as securities counsel to clients in the state-legal cannabis industry.

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HOw To Buy Or Sell A Business

Use this outline to understand what you need to consider when buying or selling a business.

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Follow The Science

Neil M. Kaufman is featured in this Long Island Business News article about keeping Biotech startups on Long Island.

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Financing Alternatives for Cannabis Companies

Learn about financing alternatives for high-growth companies, especially in the cannabis industry, in this article from The Corridor Journal of Strategic Alliances.

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NYSSCPA Marijuana Symposium

Watch as Neil Kaufman speaks on the industry at the NYSSCPA Marijuana Symposium

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